LCD Separator Machine Hot Plate to Screen Glass Repair For Cell Phone Glass

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LCD Separator Machine Hot Plate to Screen Glass Repair For Cell Phone Glass



Recommended Temperature Settings:
iPhone 5, Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note 1, 2: 60° C to 70° C
iPhone 4: 100° C

   1, The worktable to place the separator should be flat and the material must resists heat.
   2, The plate surface and surrounding are very hot during work, please be careful when operating to avoid to be burnt and scalded.
   3, Please pay attention to the safety of heated objects, heating element may be damaged because of high temperature.
   4, Prohibit using the heating plate in the vicinity of flammable and combustible substances.
   5, Before moving or touching the machine, please cut off the power and the temperature of heating plate recover to room temperature. 
   6, This machine is a high-temperature electroheat products, please remember to cut off the power when not using the machine to avoid danger and harm.
   1, Must ensure that the machine is grounded well.
   2, Do not let the air blow straight on the plate, otherwise it will affect the heating of the heater.
2, Specification
Voltage 110V
Power 350W
Temperature Range 0℃ - 400℃
Temperature Display 4 figures
Temperature Stability ±1℃
Dimension (mm) 300Lx180Wx120H
Weight (kg) 4.9kg
3, Operation
3.1 Temperature Setting
Press “SET” when the SV/PV display normally to make the SV display flashing, find the figures required to set temperature by pressing “<”button, set the temperature to the required value by pressing increase and reduce button, and press “SET” again to finish setting to let the machine switch to SV/PV normal display state. 
3.2 Operation for Screen Separation
1, Adjust the distance between the clamps to make the rubber pressure column just press at the edge of the screen glass. 
2, Turn on the power, set the temperature to a appropriate temperature, 80℃ recommended. Too high temperature will damage the screen.
3, After entering the constant temperature, fix the screen to be separated to the worktable. Please pay attention to that the hands should NOT touch the aluminum plate too long to avoid burn.
1, Separate by the split-screen Stick, pull right and left, pull forward separately, and the screen is separated back and forth twice like this.
3.3 How to Fix the Error Caused by Sensor
In practice, the sensor cannot be installed in an ideal measuring region for a variety of reasons, and the sensor itself has error. In this case, signal received by the product can not react the correct value, which often causes misunderstanding from customer or affects the authenticity of measure and control. Therefore, it is necessary to correct the displayed value.
In the parameter setting layer, you can correct the value at the lower display window according to the above method when the upper main display window shows “SC”, and press the function key again after finishing to input the corrected value to the instrument (the corrected value is 0 when leave the factory. Please do not fix the right instruments into error one).
3.4 Manually Set and Automatically Set Function of PID Parameters
   (1) When temperature control is not ideal, the PID parameters can be changed by self-adjusting. Method of operation is as follows,
When the temperature is different significantly from the set value, press the “SET” button for 5 seconds, enter the menu, set ATU=1, AT light shines, exit the menu B, the system will enter self-adjusting status, then the instrument uses digital control. Self-adjusting process ends after the second cycle fluctuations, AT light off, and then the PID Parameters adjustment is completed. It should be noted when the load is multi-string heating (such as extrusion machinery), should try to keep the temperature of previous section and next section constant when one of the section entering the self-adjusting process. Otherwise it will affect the effect of self-adjusting.
4, Maintenance
4.1 Heating flat of heating plate should be kept clean to avoid uneven heat conduction when heating.
4.2.1 Spray the cleaner to the heating plate, gently wipe with a soft cloth after the residue was dissolved.
4.2.2 Finally, use a soft cloth moistened with a little alcohol to wipe the heating surface of heating plate, so as to restore clean and bright.
4.3 Avoid using sharp tools such as knives, screwdrivers, metal tool or emery paper to clear the residue on the heating plate.
4.4 If the machine is not in use for a long time, please cut off the power or set the temperature below 100℃ to extend the life of the product.
1 x Screen Separate Machine

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